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Ruff Crowd 2016


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Green 6/4/2017

Comedian Lucas Connolly (NY Comedy Club) explains what it takes to make a living from doing stand up comedy. How to put yourself in the right situations to get booked at clubs, how to open for big comics on the road instead of doing open mics forever, and what it means to wear shorts on stage…it’s insider baseball, baby!


War Stories 7/26/16

It got real! @lovablelucas gets hate crimed by Westboro Baptist Church bc of the #LaramieProject?!?! Host @RichieRedding w @rellbattle and @kaseraso

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Guys We Fucked 05/2017

On this week's episode of #GuysWeFucked, Corinne & Krystyna talk to comedian LUCAS "I HAVE 4 MOMS" CONNOLLY about getting various household items stuck up your ass in a quest for sexual pleasure, being a test-tube baby, losing your virginity to a stranger from the Internet, doing stand-up at an orgy, and, well, having four moms, obviously.